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a Gift for Myself

Normally, on their birthday people receive presents from others. They expect other to think about them, do or buy something for them, while they doing nothing but enjoy themselves. As a normal human being I also have those thoughts. Having my friends to buy me something for my birthday was an easy thing, since I’ve been doing it for the most of my life.

However, this year  I feel the urge to give myself a birthday presents. Something that really coming from myself, and others can’t do it for me. This year, I decide to start writing once again. I want to re-establish my writing habit that I’ve abandoned for around 4 years. I want to force myself to think and share regularly in order to practice self-discipline.

Yet, knowing that I need some space to do those things, one of my friend, “Mr. A” gives me an empty site as birthday presents. Ready to be filled with my everyday thoughts, my everyday artwork and my everyday journey.

Thanks to him, tonight, 2 months after my 22nd birthday, I’ve been able to delivering the first gift for myself. This messy post in the middle of the night will mark my initial attempt on constantly embrace all good things that happen in my life.

Through this post I sincerely welcome you to enjoy the gifts with me. Wish me luck and strength to deliver more gifts in the future .



Winnie Tjahjana