Remembering Valentine

Two days ago was 22nd valentine day in my life (23rd if you count the one when I’m still inside the womb). However, I have very few memories about them. Mostly, I can’t remember my early valentines because I was only a small kid at the time, plus its not considered as really important days in my home country. Some that I remember probably from recent years.

My most recent valentine was two days ago, February ,14th 2013. Our house-keeper wake me up in the morning and change my pillowcase*. After that, I give her a pack of chocolate that I bought the day before. Later that day, I spent the evening with my best friend Mr H, discussing about stuff that we should prepare for a competition that we’re going to enter as a team.

My Valentine Pillowcase

*this was a valentine presents from my parents. I cant remember the exact year but maybe y during High school year.

My 21st valentine was a year ago, February 14th 2012. I was in the middle of final semester, therefore I’m working on my final project together with my partner Miss E. Just like usual days, me and my classmate goes to our studio to do our work or for meeting our professors to discuss our final project’s progress. However, that day my friend Mr G ask us, all the singles, to do some unusual valentine celebration. We bought some beers and Korean ramyon and eat it together in our studio. Since I used to drink occasionally with my classmate and professor while staying in Korea the year before, I was able to drink a can of beer without being drunk or dizzy (my Korean friends tell me the tricks). But my friend Mr G, feeling dizzy after only a half can of beer. The bad news is, he’s the one who drive us home, and he still feeling a bit dizzy even in the evening. Therefore, since that day neither my friends nor I drink any alcoholic drinks for the rest of the year.  We concluded that it was unnecessary and quite dangerous for us in Indonesia.

My 20th Valentine was during my stay in Korea, February 14th 2011. It was winter. Although South Korea is a four season country, Busan normally have very mild winter. The wind were harsh, but the temperature is only few degrees below or slightly above. But that day, during valentine 2011, we got very heavy snowfall, and it was even piled up until around 70 cm. Although we cannot go anywhere that day because the road is too slippery, My friend Miss I and I do take a short walk to the sport field nearby. We decided to commemorate our first (and eventually the only) heavy snowy day in Busan by making snowman. However, since we came from tropical country, which never have any snow (except at the top of Jaya Wijaya Mountain in Papua Island which is very far from my place), we have no idea how to make those big snowballs for Mr Snowman’s body. Therefore after some trial and errors (plus peeping on some European students), we finally be able to finish Mr Snowman. Yaaaayyyy!

White Valentine @ Busan

Miss I and I with our Mr Snowman (we give chocolate to Mr Snowman, he need something to eat on this chilly day)

Other than those three occasion, I remember that I got pillowcase from my parents at some point during high school year, and buying my grandpa a set of chocolate, or probably saying “Happy Valentine” a few times in my life, but I cant remember any specific year or details about that day.

However, from those occasions that I can remember, I have each valentine really unique. I feel like I simply do normal things on valentine days, instead of lovey-dovey thingy that other people do. Maybe, that’s made me want to remember my valentine, to commemorate usual things on (what most people think as) unusual date.

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