Goodbye 2014, Thank You…

Last year, I said I’m going to continue pursue my 2012’s resolution, that’s not working well during 2013, yet even more this year most of it scattered. And after two year, I started to think, is it the time to ditch those list?

Not because the list are bad, or I failed everything. It’s just because maybe, It’s quite okay if some of the thing succeed and some other failed. Not everything is supposed to be perfect anyway.

Anyway, readers, you might see that this post is the only post I wrote this year, but actually it was not. I wrote something early this year around the time of Chinese New Year, especially since this year is the year of the horse, my Chinese zodiac. But I lost that post when my friend Mr. A, the one who pay the domain and hosting, lost his credit card, and was unable to renew the hosting on time.

Luckily, I keep a backup of my blog, so most of the past post can be recovered. But unfortunately, the backup hasn’t included the last post, which is the one I wrote early this year.

After the lost, I decided to get a new hosting for my blog, restructuring stuff, and wishing to start writing again soon. However, It never happened.

It’s been a wonderful year.

Despite my inability to continue writing in this blog, I have to tell you that this year is a wonderful year indeed.

During the Chinese New Year, we have a big family reunion. Most of the descendants of my great grandfather from my mom’s side gather together at my mom’s hometown, Salatiga. I get to meet several uncles, aunts, and second cousins I had never met before, and also for the very first time in my life, I get more than 10 angpao1, where normally I only get 3 at max from my parents, my grandparents, and sometimes from my aunt2.

Then, at the end of February, My father got a heart attack, yet after 10 days of hospitalization, he’s now healthy and back to work again, and start getting more clients, and even more awesome prospective clients then before.

Mid this year, I invested my money on small modified printer so I can start selling custom printed T-shirt and pillowcase. Around the same time, my mom also open her first batik clothes shop at our garage. Both of us starting our own venture, it’s something I never expect, but yes, it happens.

We spend the rest of the year growing our business and learning more about it, while also witnessing how my father trying to make use of his ‘second life’ even better than before.

Even though there is ups and downs happen during this year, I am thankful for everything. I am glad to be able to experience one more, where a lot of unexpected things happen to my family, my friends, and I.

I hope for better year, next year.

Just like every other person in this world wishing for a better future, I do wished the same, although I never know how it will fulfilled, as I don’t have a solid ideals.

I wish I my scholarship application and other program applications get approve, and also my business keep growing so I could start hiring employees. I wish I could be a better person, more discipline, more well-organized.

Although I have all those wishes, I believe that God knows me the best, and knows when is the right time for certain things to happen to me. So I believe that my entire wish that need to be fulfilled will come true, and I’ll be fine when some of my wish won’t come true next year.

Other than wishes for myself, In the following year I also wish that all people who recently lost the loved one, Including but not limited to those remaining family and friends of the victim of recent Air Asia accident, could still be strong and have faith in their life.

Hmm, I think that’s all for this year. Thank you 2014. I’ll write again next year.


1the red envelope filled with money given by the elders to children or in some cases unmarried young adults

2Chinese related celebration was restricted until about 1999, when our president at the time decided that it’s time to let Chinese descendants to embrace their own culture publicly. Because of that, during my childhood or teenage years, I have very little experience with Chinese culture.

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