C:F Summit 2013, The Beginning

Sometime earlier this year, ordinary evening, I was sitting on my desk, with laptop in the front, browsing around, looking for any competition / residency opportunities / scholarship.

Few clicks on contestwatchers.com



Challenge:Future Competitions 2013

challengefuture.org (right click! open in a new tab!)

and the rest is…








a bumpy ride!


Long story short, my team failed to pass the first round of My dream Job, but barely managed to pass the first round of Make.It.Work. So, we continue our journey through the semifinal, and on May 20th, 2013, I waited for the announcement. I’m ready to ditch my idea, forever! Left it somewhere dusty in the cloud.

Yet on that evening, a message popped out in my inbox.


That moment, I really thought it was a prank from Bistra, and few minutes after that there will be a new email said , “Sorry, we made a mistake..”

But yeah, fortunately, that didn’t happen. Fyuuuh~

After that, I bugged Bistra with a lot of email, ranged from important reply, panic messages, worried questions, ask for more travel budget, reporting that my partner quits, flight details, visa matters, whatever emails I can’t even remember anymore.

So, four months after that unbelievable moment, on September 18th, 2013, I embark on my first journey alone, to Slovenia, a place most of my family and friends never heard before, to meet a bunch of unknown people.

By unknown, I mean I’m totally clueless. Other than Bistra and Metka, I have no idea how the others look like. Some send me emails, some I just know their names. I saw some people pictures on facebook, but can’t remember any. I even just know that there is other girl from Indonesia coming to the summit just 3 days before my departure.

I came to the summit with a lot of uncertainty. Yet during the summit slowly but sure lots of the mysteries unfold.


(next : open letter to all C:F Summit 2013 Participants)

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