Who are you when you’re 23 years old?

Some people were still a student, some other just started theirs first job, some people already invented big enterprise, some people strive to get jobs, some people sustain injuries, some people were having their first kid, some might be happy, while some other depressed. There is thousand or million or trillion possibilities could happen to us when we’re 23. There is countless possibilities of what kind of person we will be.

Today, on March 23rd 2013, there is one particular person turn 23 years old. This person lives in the same town as me, yet I never know him personally nor I ever met him. All I know about him is only his online personality that I found at his twitter or some online news. So basically my opinion is based from distant perspective. However, even from afar, this person gives a positive vibe.

This guy is quite famous athlete in town, and possibly nationwide. Yet he seems to maintain low profiles personality and friendly to his fans. No wonder his amazing fans always proud of him. Despite all the hardship that disturbs his career, he shows a good example of how a human should be.

This guy has an opportunity to own a lavish and selfish life, yet he seems to do the opposite. He maintain a humbly and loyal personality. Despite his popularity he still personally writes for fans and friends, even help marketing his club jersey (and apologize for possible expensive price). Stay loyal to his current ‘almost bankrupt’ club despite the bad fortune he might encounter.

Moreover, taking foster kids and giving donation to students who needs is also on his list of achievement. Achievement of doing selfless and caring action, which is in my opinion, was quite a huge thing for person his age.

I wonder, what kind of person I’ll become when I’m 23 years old?

While I still have 6 month before turning 23, I am currently far behind. Even If I piled up all the good things I ever did in my life, I is not enough yet. I won’t wish my life to be like his nor I wanted to do the same as he did. But I sincerely wanted to find out my own way to do good thing. A good thing that came from a good heart.

ps: if I’m not mistaken, his (the person I mention on above post) name means “war leader”. Then if he really lives into that name, I believe he already leads us on war against ignorance, insensitivity, and selfishness. Thanks! and Happy Birthday!

Do all the good you can. By all the means you can. In all the ways you can. In all the places you can. At all the times you can. To all the people you can. As long as ever you can

― John Wesley

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