Quick Post : Random? What?

My friend Audrey Tangonan from Philipines have been asked me to update my blog since last month. She keep asking me to write something that she called “random motivation”.

I finally push myself to write as quick as possible my feeling and thoughts about the news I’ve just realized few minutes ago.

So here we are today…

Random things as random as it can be!

Sometime last week a random typhoon hit some islands in Philippines. Although the typhoon have a name and have a predicted path. I would say that it still a random disaster since we never know which individual will be affected.

if you want to know more about the disaster check this link

As for today, lots of people already lost their home and families. They currently don’t have enough food supply to survive.

However, the good news is … food supply and more volunteer is about to come. One of them is “not-so-random-person”, the only filipino I ever know personally, my  friend Audrey.

Random Messages!

So, my dear friend Audrey, here is the some messy thought that I left for you, your fellow volunteer, the survivors, (and readers).


For audrey and the volunteers, I am relieved that you are unharmed. But above that, I’m so proud of you because you care.


I feel sorry those who become victim and lose everything, but above that I am grateful that you guys still survive. I am so proud that you still alive and please keep alive


I wish someone remember to play with the kids, maybe showing some puppet show or do something fun . Since the kids need something to do while waiting for meals. This disaster may leave scar in this kids life, but I wish that something fun can shallow the depth.


In this kind of situation I don’t think that my kind of consolation word or whatever word is the most appropriate things to do. I know that it seems easy for me to say things when I’m somehow away. Not feeling the pain, and unable to contribute. I have to admit that at the moment, I’m not yet able to contribute concretely to help you guys, but I want you to know that my prayer will be with you. In the mean time I will keep finding out how could I help you


More Random Things!

My brain at the moment is currently as messy as this quick post. But in this messy moment, my messy brain keep remembering these sentences over and over again.

Your place or mine? The world is one.

Why these sentences? I’m not so sure… is it remind you of something?

malaikat copy