List of Events 2012

During the last few hours of 2012, I decided to write a quick list of events that happen in my life during this year.


  • Spent my first minutes in 2012 sitting at Kuta Beach, Bali Island while watching fireworks with my parents and Aunty U.


  • Start my last semester as undergraduate student.
  • Continue working on my final project together with my partner miss E.
  • Spent valentine day together with all single friends, drinking a can of beer and a cup of korean ramyeon. This beer was the first and the last alcoholic drink that i have this year.


  • Early formation of LunchClub, our circle of friends that eats lunch together during the final project studio time.
  • Helping my friends shoot RunningNut our adaptation of popular korean variety show RunningMan


  • Helping my friends shoot some sitcom for their final project. We use my grandparent’s house as the shooting location. We all (6 person in total) stayed in my house for approximately 3 days 2 night.
  • One of my aunt got married at Solo, Central Java.
  • My father got retinal detachment on his right eye.


  • My parents went to Singapore for the first time because my father need some eye surgery.
  • Final presentation of my final project. This is my last presentation as undergraduate student of Universitas Ciputra.


  • Submitting the revised final report of my final project.
  • Went to Madura Island for the first time. We got there through Suramadu Bridge to eat fried duck at “Bebek Sinjay” and  visiting some beach.


  • Aunty U got some major surgery, and it went really well, she recover really well and even been able to back to work in less than a week.
  • Aunty D came from US. During her stay, I accompanied her to Madura Island, hence my second visit to the island.


  • Aunty D went back to US, while Aunty L visit us in Malang.
  • My first trip to Singapore in order to accompanied my dad on his second eye surgery.


  • My dad need another surgery on his eye so we have to lengthen our stay for around 3 weeks.
  • During my stay in Singapore, I visited Toys fair, Science Center, various museum and shopping street,  local libraries, and even got called for my first work interview ever, but at the end I didn’t pass.
  • My graduation ceremony finally took place at the end of this month. I wore orange kebaya under my robe.


  • I turn 22 y.o.
  • My friend Mr A gave me this web domain as my birthday presents, while my father also bought me another web domain for my other project, and my LunchClub friends gave me a handbag.
  • My cousin A came to Indonesia with her friend Miss R. They embark a month journey together, visiting some exotic places including Komodo Island, and then Miss R went back to Istanbul, while cousin A  stayed in Indonesia


  • Aunty U,cousin A and me went to Toba Lake, North Sumatra. This was my first visit to Sumatra Island.
  • Me and cousin A held  our first Fish Funeral for Esmer Victoria Secret.


  • I found some lizzard’s remains that shown on my article FF : Fossil Findings
  • My parents, Aunty U, and cousin A went to Pasir Putih to cast off our grandpa’s ashes. We sunk his urn into the sea.
  • My parents, Aunty U, and cousin A spent our christmas together.
  • Aunty U and cousin A went to Thailand until new year, while Aunty L visit us again in Malang.

For me, this year was rather unique, I have so many first and last experience, and throughout the year our friends and families come and stayed with us for  a while.

I experiencing a lot more than what I can write in this post, and I believe it will help me grow and be prepared for the next year.

Although I have few regrets for much things that I can’t do during this year, I was thankful because this year I was able to start new things, including this blog.

Thanks for reading, see you next post!

FF : Fossil Findings

Fossil 01

I wonder how long has it been there? And why nobody ever notice it? Or they did notice it, but let it stay there, waiting for me to find its remains…

Fossil 02

Two days ago, I went to the house next door which is under renovation since middle of this year. The renovation process is around 90% done, and our new neighbor is planning to move in within few months.

However, at the front steps, I found this dry corpse of some kind of lizard who has very looooooong tail. Some of the skins and internal organ were gone, all we can see now is the bones and the sharp teeth.

a Gift for Myself

Normally, on their birthday people receive presents from others. They expect other to think about them, do or buy something for them, while they doing nothing but enjoy themselves. As a normal human being I also have those thoughts. Having my friends to buy me something for my birthday was an easy thing, since I’ve been doing it for the most of my life.

However, this year  I feel the urge to give myself a birthday presents. Something that really coming from myself, and others can’t do it for me. This year, I decide to start writing once again. I want to re-establish my writing habit that I’ve abandoned for around 4 years. I want to force myself to think and share regularly in order to practice self-discipline.

Yet, knowing that I need some space to do those things, one of my friend, “Mr. A” gives me an empty site as birthday presents. Ready to be filled with my everyday thoughts, my everyday artwork and my everyday journey.

Thanks to him, tonight, 2 months after my 22nd birthday, I’ve been able to delivering the first gift for myself. This messy post in the middle of the night will mark my initial attempt on constantly embrace all good things that happen in my life.

Through this post I sincerely welcome you to enjoy the gifts with me. Wish me luck and strength to deliver more gifts in the future .



Winnie Tjahjana